Mudra Handblocks

Mudra Handblocks

  • 20 September, 2022
  • Mrunal Kajave

Akshata Padale and Ashutosh Hupare are the duo who wish to keep traditional art alive around the globe.

While Akshata Padale has graduated in B.Tech and holds a Diploma in Fashion Technology.
Having specialised in Hand Block printing (MUDRA HANDBLOCKS) she found a keen interest in reviving the old lost charm techniques of Hand Block printing into modern fashion.


Ashutosh Hupare is a carrom champion turned textile engineer with over 6 years of experience and specialises in textile technology.

The duo have a far-sighted goal to keep up with their interests in textiles and art by promoting hand block printing and bringing more creativity, fusion and innovation in textiles that would keep traditional and cultural art undying for ages to come.

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