At Vibhushana we create and curate luxurious art without compromising on the richness, quality and craft. With new collections getting updated from time to time, we are able to serve the right pulse of luxury art to our clients. From furniture to craftsmanship and now luxurious decor, we value delivering the best. But that appreciation for excellence doesn't end just here, we always value the best in people that work alongside too. Our diverse team is made up of the industry's most experienced, passionate and discerning artists who strive for the best in their specialisation of art. 

With a passion to bring artists at the forefront and their various forms of art, Vibhushana is an aggregator of art in the world of luxury committed to deliver beauty created passionately.

Your Junction for Luxury Art 

Vibhushana by Kajave Furniture brings to you luxury home decor. The word “Vibhushana” literally means Decorated or Splendour. At Vibhushana you would get to witness and feel unparalleled elegance, masterpieces of luxuriant home decor and authentic artforms. 
Vibhushana is a luxury art aggregator providing an enjoyable and seamless journey for our clientele from exploring various art forms to a satisfactory purchase. Through collaboration with many artists, the platform brings together skillful artists with different art forms to create unique pieces of art for decorating a luxurious home. 


After having a hands on experience in carving masterpieces at Kajave Furniture and decking up lavish homes with decor Mrunal & Veeren perceived that there is a whole category of people who are fascinated with rich Indian art and have no single destination to find distinct artforms and their varieties. Vibhushana was conceived with a motto to cater luxurious art under one roof across the globe. The keystones at Vibhushana are celebrating rich Indian art forms, bringing artists and artisans at one junction and delivering the superlativeness in luxury artistic decor. 

Ar. Veeren Kajave


He completed his formal education in the year 2015. He is the next generation entrepreneur and a strong force to propel business & art to greater heights. He has a futuristic vision and also spearheads the strategy and design team.

He loves to read books and is a proud member of BNI, a strong global business network.His focus is to make our customer's dreams come true with his creative ideas and experience. He believes in the principle that our customer’s interest and satisfaction is vital & of optimum importance.

Ar. Mrunal Kajave


Mrunal Kajave is a very popular name in and around Kolhapur for creating interiors of impeccable attention, expression and warmth. She is experienced as an architect with a diploma in interior designing and is well-recognised for founding the luxury home decor store “Vibhushana”.
Mrunal pursues design with utmost enthusiasm and emotion in every creation. She exercises her networking skills by collaborating with artists from across India to promote art and culture through interior-works and home decor. She has a design approach that balances client preferences and lifestyles with her deep knowledge of design, art, and history to create interiors that ultimately express the client's dreams and allow for a gracious living. Her services include architectural projects, interior designing, luxury home decors and beautifying of personal and commercial spaces.
Every project taken up by Mrunal along with her team composes a very thoughtful design layout that creates a balance of the required specifications inviting several compliments after completion. Mrunal’s portfolio includes an array of artistic and sophisticated homes, luxurious residential interiors, aethstetic professional spaces and much more. At Mrunal’s design studio artful spaces are tailored for each client delightfully.
When Mrunal is not working, you could find her painting, dancing, trying her hands on creativity and designing new artifacts. To book a consultation with Mrunal, write to 


The handpicked selection of painting, sculptures, bedsheets, quilts, artifacts and luxury decor for your dream homes deserves to be adorned with. If Indian art is your true calling, or art one that depicts India's rich cultural heritage and is honed through generations of family skill, then Vibhushana is something you’d always want to be connected with. The styles are endless and evoke luxury.

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